Published Author of The Pursuit of Happiness After a Divorce

Posted on December 27, 2015 by - Front-end Dev

During the last year I have been working on becoming a self-published author. I finally have published my first book and ebook. In between projects I spend time marketing my book and ebook online! Test Buy Online


1:2 Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” I am just a regular person who will explain how I found help during the most chaotic time in my life: a time when I was hopeless and a cracked vessel. I pray that you may be able to use the tools and exercises provided to help you find peace in your life. I wrote this book to teach people how to find help for their problematic marriage, separation and divorce. Please use my story as a tool to help you identify the red flags that might appear in your relationship. I want to help you identify the problems and address them with solutions. This book will help you move forward with your relationships for a positive future outcome. I will help you expose the excuses and lies and help you discover the truth regarding your relationship. You will meditate on your current relationship and learn how to become healthy and successful. Stop finding excuses to stay in a chaotic marriage and start taking the steps required to fix it. I believe that if you seek the truth it will set you free. If you ask for something and earnestly look for it, you will find your answer. Do you want to find the truth or do you want to keep walking blindly into chaos? A long time ago I chose to be blind to many things and settled for less than I deserved. My goal now is to help people heal and find hope and peace inside their chaotic world. I hope my story helps you find help from within and with God or a higher power. I hope these exercises will help people who do not currently have a support group. They will teach you how to find and create a support group to lean on. I believe that we are not supposed to carry our burdens alone. I believe that God has a plan, and his plan is not to harm or forsake you, but to give you a prosperous life. This book is for all of those who have struggled with the same issues as me. I just want to let you know that you are not alone.

Usability Hub

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One day while playing around on the internet, researching user-testing and usability studies I stumbled on this site where you can do quick 5 minute test to gain credits to submit your own usability tests, for basically free. Why this site is awesome, basically I get to test out my designs and ideas for free and get back input, from colors to logos to website appearance to brand and trustworthiness. Great fast feedback and results for free! So when I am stuck in-between colors or position the users will tell me what I need to change to make it better. If you join I get 10 free credits and you will also get 10 free credits as well. It’s a win win deal and you can test out your prototypes as well. I received reviews on a prototype I created and it was very helpful. If you are interested click the link below. Start with

Spare Time?

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So, what do I do in my spare time, in-between raising kids as a single mom and running earnings, I create more websites that are content based on a special niche that I have. I like to multi-task on multiple projects at a time. The current project I am working on is a library for custom styled flat ui/buttons that will go with any site, this library will also have documentation for any backend developer to make there buttons beautiful with 6 basic color themes and a wide range for colors and shapes and sizes. I am in the process of getting this product released on the Envato Market, but in the meantime it will be online on this site where you can get for free! So stay tuned. Brief Demonstration Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

AB Testing What is it?

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A/B testing is a methodology in advertising of using randomized experiments with two variants, A and B, which are the control and treatment in the controlled experiment. Such experiments are commonly used in web development and marketing, as well as in more traditional forms of advertising. The tools I have used for a/b testing is called Its a great tool because you an insert a script to capture traffic from your website, which is funneled to your test that you create. I love optimizely because you can actually see with stats what option works best for your landing page, home page or contact form on increasing customer conversation rates… For more information and graphics go to the link below…. Reference:

My Fav IDE…

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Hi, welcome to my portfolio and blog, I have been researching and freelancing and recently I have had more time on my hands than usually. My favorite IDE is Sublime Text, its a great tool to use for rapid html/css development. Another new tool I am testing out is Adobe Edge Code, I am still getting used to it, but I really like the User Interface however I am still learning the short-cut command lines which I am irritated about which slows my production time down so I go back and forth from this to Sublime Text Dreamweaver is a old school favorite of my, but sometimes it crashes, halts and etc, so I don’t use it as much, but I love using it for Email Templates….