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Tasha Mayes

Cell: 330-869-7351
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Tasha is a creative and efficient developer with a true passion for developing websites. She has nine years of experience and skills for solving problems and implementing strategies for web and mobile development. She has created successful websites of varying sizes and implemented a number of eCommerce solutions.


Major: Bachelors of Science Mobile Development

Mobile Media Design - Wireframes, Photoshop CS5, Mood Boards, Mobile Design and Website Design, Blue Print CSS.
Art History

Associates Degree in Applied Science Web Development 6/2006-6/2008
Honors GPA 3.27

Web development of an E-commerce Shopping Cart Website. A variety of applications that run affectivity.

One on one training with Bill Ridgeway that works for NASA on website application. Create syntax, coding, programming, testing, and debugging applications.

Intermediate in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MS Access, SQL, ASP, .NET, PHP, C++, Flash MX 2003, and Adobe Photoshop

  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • Intermediate Programming
  • Web Site Design
  • Database Development
  • Scripting and Web Authoring I
  • Scripting and Web Authoring II
  • PERL and CGI in Linux Environment

National Computer Science Academy

As having completed all requirements for certification. Please visit ncsacademy.com to validate this certificate and for additional information

CP-420 JavaScript - JQuery/JavaScript Cipher
Certificate Number 2109627
July 26, 2008

CS-235 Microsoft Access 2002
Certificate Number 2109798
July 26, 2008

CS-255 Microsoft Word 2002
Certificate Number 2109969
July 26, 2008


Programming skills

Creator of Flat CSS Buttons http://www.wubtasha.com/flatcssbuttons/

Front-End Development: HTML/HTML5, CSS/CS3 SASS, LESS, JavaScript , jQuery, PHP, ASP.Net - (JavaScript/JQuery Cipher)

(CMS) Content Management Systems

Drupal 6 - 8 - Installation and Setup, MySQL, JQuery, CCK, Views, AJAX, Modules, Menus, Nodes, Administration Roles/Permissions, System Administration, Wysiwyg editors (FCK). Theme templates, CSS, JavaScript, PHP.

Responsive Development

Mobile, iPad, iPhone, Desktop, using frameworks with Bootstrap, Foundation Zurb, and Custom

Joolma, Shopify, Squarespace, Twig, Word Press, Sharepoint 2003, Sharepoint (2007)Moss

Creative Tools

Sketch, Photoshop, Sublime Text, Dreamweaver, Flash, Priemer, Illustrator, Indesign

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Toptal.com UI/Front-End Developer - Remote 3/2014 - Currently

Email Templates
Website Prototypes
Front-end Development templating in RUBY & RAILS, GULP, REACT.JS, .NET MVC, Oracle, Mustache.js, Handlebars, Liquid
Content Management Systems, Sharepoint, Shopify, Wordpress, Drupal 6 - 8, Joolma, Squarespace, Weebly, Dkcontent, Custom, Foundation/Bootstrap
Responsive Development, Mobile, iOs, Andriod, Desktop
Experience working with AJAX, XHTML, CSS, SASS, LESS, JavaScript, JQUERY, typography, various browser support
QA and testing
Agile Development and Project Management

Experience with Drupal theme processing and customization

- https://www.tapmytrees.com (Ecommerce Site)
- https://safplatform.com (Adminstration Site/Product)
- https://www.asla.org (Awards/Professional)
- https://www.eventclinics.com
- Workalytics

RxanteFront-end Developer - Walton Hills, OH - 10/14 - 5/15

Working as a front-end developer in healthcare using Drupal 7. Creating Designs and Concepts in Photoshop and wireframes based on business requirements. Implementing and converting Photoshop Design to interactive HTML/CSS/JavaScript and Drupal Views for medical programs. Creating clickable and interactive prototypes and wireframes for proof of concepts before fully developing. Creating healthcare related analytics and prototypes for web based application.

Arhaus Furniture Front-end Developer - Walton Hills, OH - 3/13 - 3/14

Translating designs from PSD’s into html using Foundation 4.0 framework and responsive design on an ecommerce website for mobile, tablet, and desktop.
Skills used HTML, CSS and JavaScript, jQuery, Knockout and Durandel JavaScript frameworks in a MVC .Net Environment, Wordpress.
Creating Newsletter Templates for Marketing Campaigns.
Cross browser testing and compatibility for Android and iPhone, Tablet devices for responsive design.
Arhaus Jewels site redesign and implementation.
Jobvite Implementation, researching and installing a Application Tracking System for the Human Resources Department for recruiting candidates through the Arhaus careers site.
Web content development maintaining and updated requests by stakeholders on the website.

AllPlayers.com Drupal - Designer/Themer - Dallas, TX - 7/12 - 3/13

Take mockups and other designs and apply them to the web site
Ensure web site support various browsers and versions adequately
Analyze audiences and their information and functional needs
Create wireframes, site maps, schematics, process maps, feature lists, mockups, visual specification, working prototypes and other artifacts to describe the intended user experience
Experience working with AJAX, XHTML, CSS, JQUERY, typography, various browser support
Experience with Drupal theme processing and customization

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Summa Health System Interactive Coordinator - Akron, OH - 2009-2012

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Development of prototype for Summa Health System for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Mini Opera mobile devices using Open Source Tools – iWebkit themes (Drupal) Mobile Development Theme – CSS, HTML, JQuery, JavaScript, Photoshop.
View Work | www.summahealthcare1.org/Mobile

Web Designer/Front-End Developer

Expert knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite Software Dreamweaver programming and markup languages (Action Script, CSS, Html, JavaScript, PHP, XHTML, XML) Websites and Microsites, Intranet, User interface brand consistency, validating code in cross-browser platforms. MVC – Wire-framing, flowchart processes with interactive organization of web concepts and usability. Assessing requirements, development, implementation and testing web product.

Video Producer skills and knowledge of video formats and playback codecs using Premiere Pro, Photoshop and After Effects. Wireframing, flowchart processes with interactive organization of web concepts and usability. Assessing requirements, development, implementation and testing web product.
View Work: Barberton Hospital Virtual Tour

Web Development (CMS) tools

Jahia, Dkcontent, SharePoint 3.0, Drupal, Joolma and WordPress. Meeting with shareholders to obtain requirements for site and development phases until launching the site. Updating pages, Testing, Debugging, and Publishing pages. Technical writing and training users. Integrating new solutions and new web technology. Support marketing team with interactive web services for marketing campaigns.
View Work | www.crystalclinic.com

User Experience

prototyping tools (Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, CSS, JavaScript) understanding web development technologies with emphasis in the emotional aspects of human experience. Website Analytics reviewing and reporting on metrics and providing strategic recommendations based on data using Google Analytics and Web Trends.

Email Marketing and SEO

E-blast - Supporting Marketing Campaigns and Initiatives - Html newsletters and sending e-blasts (Mailchimp, Constant Contact) page optimization with SEO keywords.

Search Engine Optimization – Implementing front end search engine strategies and experience using web analytics tools Google Adwords and Google Local Business Center – registering business locations.
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Sharepoint 2003 - Developing multiple functional websites and training using Sharepoint 2003 for internal departments based on business requirements to communicate a message or need.

  • Supply Chain
  • Internal AuditWaste Management
  • Emergency Department
  • Patient Family Education
  • Corporate Communications
  • Patient Accounts

Freelance/ConsultantWeb Developer - USA - 2008 current

Sterling Jewelers/CoSource/Briteskies- 1/30/12-4/13/12
Web Developer/User Interface

Responsible for User Interface implementation. for Ecommerce Website Release 3 Project at Kay Jewelers for Kay and Jared websites. Implementing HTML, CSS and JavaScript into a Java/JSON environment from User Interface brand guidelines for ecommerce websites for Kay Jewelers. Troubleshooting java developers user interface bugs and issues with implementing templates into java envirnomment.

Cross browser testing for Safari, Chrome, IE7, & 8 and Mozilla. Implementing API's Social Media Sharethis and Recaptcha. Ecommerce Website Release 3 Project at Kay Jewelers for Kay and Jared websites. Web Development from PSD to HTML, CSS, JQuery and JavaScript, for ecommerce websites for Kay Jewelers following User Interface brand guidelines. Cross browser testing for Safari, Chrome, IE7, & 8 and Mozilla. Version Control Systems using PHPStorm 3.02. through Git and github.com for collaborative development.
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Technovistainc.com (NJ) 2011- 2012
Business Analyst – Mobile/Web Wire framing and writing technical descriptions of mobile application.
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Desantiscreative.com (Fairhaven, NJ) 2011
Website Server Consulting Advice, Web Production coding Html.

Jersey Tribute (Akron, OH) 2010, 2011
Web Designer/Developer expert knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite Software programming and markup languages. Creation of Banner and Biography of Band Members Flash animation on Homepage. Mailchimp implementation of forms and subscribers, Email Newsletter Template and Graphic Design (Flash, Action Script, CSS, Html, JavaScript and Photoshop)
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Chelsea Cares (Medina, OH) 2008
(CMS) Website Development

Freedom House (Ritzman, OH) 2008
(CMS) Website Development, video hosting and production, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and Graphic Design.

Cornerstone Chapel (Medina, OH) 2008
CSS programming on website

Creative GroupWeb Production -Akron/Cleveland, OH - 2009

  • Web Production Artist - Cleveland Clinic and Summa Health System
  • Updating and editing Style and consistency throughout webs of the nations Number One Hospital.
  • Web 2.0 Standards updating pages, testing, debugging, and publishing pages and streamline procedures in validating links.
  • Maintain website, Update Pages, Forms, Taxonomy and Troubleshooting.
  • Applications used SharePoint (2007) MOSS for web production and administration, Taxonomy, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Outlook, Html, CSS, and Forms in InfoPath.
  • Web Production of Html Newsletters

Jmarco Catalog Inc.Web Administrator - Medina, OH - 2008 -2008

  • Main knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite Software programming and markup languages (Smarty, Flash Action Script, CSS, Html, JavaScript, .Net, XHTML, )
  • Web Development and Design implementation of website using Smarty Code and PHP and templates. Web Administration services create and Code Email Campaign’s Promotions for customers using CV3 e-blast. Web Production of ecommerce website. Update Sales, Prices and Sections programming Pages. Programming new content management site with CV3, CSS, Html, JavaScript and Smarty.
  • Google Analytics reviewing and reporting on metrics and providing strategic recommendations based on data using Google Analytics and Web Trends.
  • Microsoft Server 2003, SQL, Dreamweaver, Flash MX, Adobe Photoshop, CV3, Crystal Reports 10, Web decisions, Microsoft Outlook, Smarty, and PHP, CSS, Html, JavaScript.
  • Analytics Specialist – reviewing and reporting on metrics and providing strategic recommendations based on data using Google Analytics. Crystal Reports to update products.
Creative Arts, Self-Help Books, Music, Church and time with friends/family
Available on request